Light & Shadow Gallery

Tucked away in Leura adjacent to the Lily Pad Cafe is the Light & Shadow Gallery. Peter White, the gallery owner introduces the work of Peter Hill currently being exhibited. Peter (pictured centre) works exclusively in black & white and has some excellent examples from his rather large body of work on display for the next couple of weeks. They share the gallery space with the work of the iconic Australian photographer Max Dupain. Not bad company. Peter White's mother who worked with Max Dupain for 20 years is also represented in the gallery. Upstairs are 2 more exhibition areas with other works by various photographers. Well worth the visit to this hidden gem. The gallery also offers a good variety of quality photography in the form of cards and matted prints in various sizes. Plenty on offer.

Cute locals

Mum and her pudgy kid wandering around Cradle Mountain environs. Weren't particularly worried about me moving around nearby. Beautiful animals though not long lived in the wild. Below, some shots around Cradle Mountain. Even a short trip to this environment is very satisfying. If you get some keepers, its a bonus.

New project

As mentioned in a previous post I have been working on a project which incorporates anything from 6 up to 30 images in one, resulting in an abstract and sometimes ethereal representation of the natural world. A more detailed explanation is available on the last addition to the site. The project is titled Elemental Fantasy and will be added to from time to time.

Multi layers

Gladiator's Dream

I've taken a number of abstract images over the years many of them have a water-based origin. Some of them were quite striking and took on an 'oily' appearance. Somehow, I got to fooling around with a number of abstracts of a stream nearby combined with a few others. I'm pretty happy with the 'look' as I didn't really want the final image to be recognizable, at least not easily - a feature that gives the abstract image its appeal. Anyway, during the process of combining layers I discarded a couple of contenders as they rendered the final look either too static or detracted from the colour balance I was looking for. While maybe not a Picasso, it keeps my imagination fed.