All photography Copyright © Peter Damo 2014

I provide photographic services for a wide range of scenarios. From event photography to reproduction of artwork and short format videos.



Quality recording of your valuable work - I can photograph your artwork on location with studio lighting. You will be provided with hi-res images on DVD. Included is a personal photo shoot providing you with an up-do-date portrait for use in your CV. You may also like a video interview which includes some important pieces of your work. A small but quality video is created for use on your website and Youtube or for distribution as well as the original hi-res version. Here's a sample: Artist Robin Lawrence interview

A complete package is available for $1500. This includes up to 50 artworks, a portrait session and a 3-5 minute video. You may also consider reproducing some of your artwork in the form of prints. Many exhibitions are accompanied by prints for sale, a piece of the original if you like. The photos of your artwork may be used to create those prints. This is especially useful where artwork is too large to be scanned. If you are planning an exhibition or would like to develop some promotional media or simply create a record of your work, please contact me to discuss your needs.

“ Recently Peter Damo was recommended to me by a Gallery, in circumstances where I was confronted with the task of bringing some semblance of order to an Artist’s collection of some 200 of his paintings. These had been painted over a long period and were stored in haphazard piles in the artist’s studio and various sites around his home.

Not only was Peter a delight to work with, but his professional approach, technical expertise, sensitivity and patience carefully photographing each work, produced order out of chaos and swiftly and effectively moved the collection into a manageable 21st century format of excellent quality.

Then a few days later he brought those same skills to photographing and recording an Interview of the 83 year old Artist by a fellow Artist.”

Jo Maxwell