New project

As mentioned in a previous post I have been working on a project which incorporates anything from 6 up to 30 images in one, resulting in an abstract and sometimes ethereal representation of the natural world. A more detailed explanation is available on the last addition to the site. The project is titled Elemental Fantasy and will be added to from time to time.

Multi layers

Gladiator's Dream

I've taken a number of abstract images over the years many of them have a water-based origin. Some of them were quite striking and took on an 'oily' appearance. Somehow, I got to fooling around with a number of abstracts of a stream nearby combined with a few others. I'm pretty happy with the 'look' as I didn't really want the final image to be recognizable, at least not easily - a feature that gives the abstract image its appeal. Anyway, during the process of combining layers I discarded a couple of contenders as they rendered the final look either too static or detracted from the colour balance I was looking for. While maybe not a Picasso, it keeps my imagination fed.


Tree and ripples

Still summer - a month to go but now its raining over a few days. Some bushfires over the past weeks but nothing epic fortunately. I'm taking the time to walk around and see what's what. Many gum trees shedding bark due to very hot conditions. Not so with the european trees. Below some ripple shots looking almost reptilian.