Change of seasons

I could post a shot of the mist and rain that has made the mountains home again. But then there is not much to see right now. No transition here to speak about - we're right into winter. Let's not muck about with autumn. Well its not that cold just yet. I thought I would post a shot from the world of film...

I have been missing some of the subtle colour palette that comes with film like Kodak Portra. Here is a shot taken during the last of the sunny weather we are likely to see for some time. In fiddling about with the Mamiya C330, I missed the delicate rays that slipped behind the clouds last weekend. Its been gone ever since.

This is one of the three sisters in Katoomba (hiding the other two). Just a little light left to illuminate the scene. I'll have to get back in the habit of taking notes about the film stock and shutter speeds etc now that I'll be posting some film`based images again.