Day/Night Pt 2

Some additional images from the previous set including a colour image that I like for the tones. Well some editing has taken place in the form of extra images added including coloured rock and breaking wave. In the process it occurred to me how significant the editing process can be in making a presentation. If you've ever had a curated exhibition, there is always the subject of the rhythm and flow of your work. This includes grouping and in some instances spacing. Images that 'go together' strengthen each other. The last three images in this set are a good example of this. All three have a strong horizontal component in the form of a dark 'line'. Whether sand or water it makes no difference. They are graphic elements that tie the images together. 'Unlike' compositions may be given extra space where available. This is particularly true of a project where there may be fewer stand alone or 'hero' shots. They arranged vertically here but nevertheless some flow is required.