My Imagination

In the process of creating abstract images, sooner or later the imagination plays its role in giving significance to an image. It may not be in the first instance. The striking nature of an image will have an impact perhaps due to contrast or lighting or maybe through form. Invariably in conversations with colleagues a significant variation occurs in the interpretation of an image of this type. By that I mean abstract image. The more form plays a part the more imagination can get involved - at least the cognitive aspect. Where colours and forms are more muted, we seem to be more influenced on a feeling level. Some images I like almost immediately with the imagination being triggered, I create a sense of ownership of it. This doesn't speak to the quality of the image as a piece of art and with time my interest may wane with my evaluation of the piece becoming less with time. This process as described may explain the saying 'I don't know about art, but I know what I like'.