Rainy day post....

Architectural shot - Sydney

Since its howling wind and horizontal rain at the moment, its a good time to post some images from the past. Many of them unrelated to landscape work but satisfying none-the-less. The first an architectural shot of Sydney - well, a skyward view somewhere near Phillip St. This was taken when I first acquired the Nikon D800E with a Nikon 14-24mm lens which can only be described as stellar. Specs: f8 / 3secs / 14mm / tripod

While I consider the Nikon to be superior (I also use a Canon 5DMKII), there are many instances where the availability of the Canon 17mm Tilt/Shift lens makes the Canon setup preferable. Nikon lacks a decent Tilt/Shift lens which is why I have opted for an unorthodox combination of a Mirex adapter (a German made adapter with a tilt/shift mechanism) coupled with a Zeiss Distagon 55mm lens (originally used on a Hasselblad camera). I love using this combination for landscape work. The catch being the lens can only be used as a manual lens.

Lucky lens test

This image was taken some years ago in a park near where I live. I just received a lens in the 'mail' - the Canon 100-400mm. Although I had broken my foot a week or two before, I felt obliged to test the optics. Putting discomfort aside, I made my way to the park and hobbled a few metres into a position where I was greeted by the scene in the photo below. The person in the image is well known in the area and walks dogs almost every afternoon for other locals. The photo itself won an award and has been sold several times over. I was in two minds about making the effort to get out with my minor disability. It was certainly worth the effort.

The background of this shot appears to have rapid movement but its more the blur (bokeh) created by the lens. It is the water of the bay however - an excellent backdrop without distracting detail.

After this guy had a drink, the others joined in... except for one. This shot could have many captions.