Nice surprise

If you are under the impression that you'll have to eat whale blubber while touring Iceland, you'll be pleasantly surprised.I ate out only once the whole time as I acquired my own cooking gear and was determined not to spend all my cash on eating out which would soon deplete my funds.

If you are a vegetarian, even better. Plenty of pre-packaged salads, tofu, if you're into that plus a good variety of vegetables, dairy products and a fantastic product called 'Skyr'. A suitably minimalist name for a yogurt like product boasting 13% protein. You can also get the flavoured variety weighing in at 10%. Its origin is Iceland and Norway is the only other place you can find it. Hope it makes its way down under soon. Small packets of bread containing 9 or 10 slices are also a lifesaver. Seeded rye and other varieties available. Locally grown tomatoes are surprisingly tasty!