Mt Piddington cont'd

A return to Mt Piddington a couple of days later produced a series of images from rock layers. The variations and colours were stunning (I was equally impressed with the black and white versions). Some were taken with shallow depth of field and one in particular creates an illusion (near/far) which can be frustrating and defeats most viewers when trying to see the image "correctly" - me included. A sobering lesson in how ineffectual the conscious mind can be. Even when you know something is not right, simply telling yourself is of no help at all. Particularly frustrating when you have seen the "correct" perspective already. Anyway, here is the image... see if you can view it as it was. Hint - the blurred section on the right hand side is the most distant part of the image. Specs: f3.5/1/30sec/ISO100/-.6ev

I won't be posting the whole series here but the next is a b&w sample from the same area. Specs: f13/.6sec/ISO100/-.3ev