No, I haven't become a food photographer. However, the image itself says a lot anyway. Those stretched gluten strands through the 'burst' section of the crust are a characteristic of a tasty sourdough offering. This shot was taken with an EM5 but otherwise I haven't done much photographically recently. Several years ago, I imported an array of sourdough starter cultures with the aim of producing breads with a variety of tastes and textures. I wasn't so successful in that endeavor and finally after a month or two decided to throw out the six or so bottles I had accumulating in the fridge. For some reason, I decided to give it another crack - this time armed with more research. I had made bread previously for quite a few years (yeasted variety) with good results so my foray into the world of sourdough was somewhat disappointing.

So what does all this amount to? Persistence and discipline including attention to detail returned a very satisfying result ( that I could eat! )