Birds over delta

There are still a few images (perhaps more than a few) from Iceland that I haven't as yet published in any form. Compositionally, they may lack something but yet tell enough of a story to warrant further examination/appreciation. This image is from 2012 during a trip to Iceland and features a flock of birds flying low over a delta at the southern end of the island. It was taken through a side window of an old Cessna. It wasn't particularly cold on this occasion but I could imagine this excercise being quite painful as the weather turns. Holding a fairly heavy DSLR /lens combination steady with some buffeting from the window proved to be testing as well. You don't want to miss anything either so the creeping pain level has to be ignored to get the range of shots you want.

Part of the process of landscape photography is looking for patterns - repetitive lines that give an image strength and 'direction'. Sometimes the eye is drawn to to a portion of the landscape that has a lot of detail but you only make sense of it retrospectively. In this case, flying over the land at a rather fast speed, its best to capture as much as possible. This image is a crop albeit a fairly large one. Parallel, yet oppositely textured diagonal lines create interest.

Its not often you get to fool around with an image to this extent. It makes the creative process of photography that much more engaging and entertaining. The twin line effect has been removed in this crop and the image re-orientated. And finally, the uncropped image - equally satisfying. The dark lines now gaining more prominence, adding some extra life.