I didn't have to stray far from the track for this shot. Taken in Tasmania on my last trip. This is one of those images that makes it as a colour or b&w. In this case a warm toned conversion. Perhaps it adds a little to the ancient feel and mystery of the landscape.

Form and symbology

The photos that most engage me are those that have some meaning or tell a story or are symbolic in some fashion. If they need to be explained then the viewer won't have the mindset to appreciate it in the same way. Well we all appreciate different things or even appreciate the same thing differently! Specific cultural perspectives will throw up a variety of art forms which other cultures may not be able to 'consume' easily. Symbolism is often rooted in religious beliefs and image types vary from culture to culture. Anyway, after all that, here's the offering. Some other shots from the day will appear on the site in due course.

Return to Tasmania

Its been a few years since I stayed in Tasmania so it was with a fair bit of enthusiasm that I returned there to attend a wedding. It happened to be in Cradle Mountain a well visited tourist and trekking location in north-west Tasmania. The event was held outdoors with the accompaniment of some all too familiar drizzle and occasional shower. I made the most of the day by wandering off for a while through the surrounding rainforest after the event. A couple of my favourite shots are included here.

fallen trees and others 2170443.jpg

Another beach day

After being tormented by weeks of heat and humidity we were treated to a significant drop in temperature, a severe thunderstorm and local flooding. I did see significant sand dredging along the coast and plenty of rubbish left on the shore, spewed out by storm water drains. Not much fun swimming in that mix so wandered around the shoreline instead.

A quiet stroll...

A couple having a walk by one of the big waterfalls in Iceland - Detifoss perhaps. One thing that strikes you as a visitor to this and many other scenic spots in this country is that there is a conspicuous absence of railings and warnings of obvious dangers. The second thing is an absence of people taking material advantage of visiting 'crowds' by setting up kiosks flogging trinkets and other worthless memorabilia. Just seeing places like this is unforgettable isn't it??